Live rejoicing

Hello! This is going to be a great day! 

A few months ago I went with some amazing friends (Braden, Jacob, Brandon & Marcus) to New Orleans Jazz Fest. And it was awesome! Stupidly delicious food, great music, and the most amazing vacation from life ever. At that time I was tits deep into my 2nd divorce, I was having issues with my money maker (my voice…come on people!) and let’s just say times were rough. 

But thank God for the gospel tent. 

It was Sunday and we had been on a partying spree. Partially as a joke, I said, “We need Jesus today, let’s go into the gospel tent.” Jacob, born and raised in NOLA, said, “I bet I know all the songs, let’s go!” So we’re having a good time and the set is ending with a song we all know, Oh Happy Day. Never the one to back down from a singalong, I chime in we’re all singing and dancing and getting our 1996 Sister Act 2 lives, and next thing I know, I’m boo hoo sobbing (a common theme in this time in my life). 

And it hit me. 


After all those years in Sunday School, VBS, Revival, 2 hours of church service every week, how had I not figured it out? After we fight and after we pray, we are supposed to be alive and rejoicing. Every single day. Not just content with our surrounding. Not just thankful the hangover is gone-though I am rejoicing after the particularly bad ones. We have to LIVE REJOICING. EVERY DAY. 

Today from my cozy bed in Brazil, I woke up to see some Facebook posts that really inspired me. A girl in one travel group is raising money to bike Toronto for MS as a tribute to her father who passed away. In another group a woman with polio who relies on crutches to walk posted, while on one vacation, that she’s looking for a companion for her next because physically she can’t do it all alone, but she’s definitely gonna do it! 

Thank you ladies for the reminder. I’m getting out of bed (and off Facebook) and I’m headed out to live rejoicing. I am so thankful for the ability to travel and see the world and so on this day I will REJOICE AND BE GLAD! 



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