Hi! I’m Cessalee, nice to meet you!

I’m just a girl who loves the world. So won’t you come exploring with me?

Originally from Indianapolis (go Colts), my most recent “home” was NYC. A musical theatre actress by trade, I spent many years in Chicago and some time in LA and Utah before coming back to the Big Apple in 2011 to pursue a career in marketing. That is until Uganda called. And in August 2015, after three years on tour with God’s Favorite Musical, The Book of Mormon, I decided to take a break from touring and go touring. Thus my Cescapade was born!

20 countries, 26 cities, 7 friends joining me along the way, 6 months, and so far only 1 trip to the hospital!

Join me as I learn a little about life, the world, and most of all, myself.

See you on the Cescapade!


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