Hello world….indeed!


And I’m off!

It’s been a lovely almost three year run with national tour of The Book of Mormon! The second to last thing we sing in the show is “this Book will change your life” and my oh my did it! I was introduced to some amazing people and had the chance to see so much in our beautiful country! And I figured, if all of this is here, I can’t imagine what’s out there! So, I’m gonna go see!

For the next six months, I’m headed to a city near (or far from) you! The concept of “plans” is such a joke in my life, but for lack of a better word, here’s my “plan”:

Sao Paulo and Rio, Brazil

Abu Dhabi and Dubai, UAE

Oslo, Norway

Copenhagen, DK

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Brussels, Belgium

Frankfurt, Bad Durkheim, Berlin & Munich, Germany

Prague, CZ

Paris, Indiana (that was a joke)

Reykjavik, Iceland

Nairobi, Kenya

Zanzibar, Tanzania

Tokyo, Japan

Bali, Indonesia

Caye Caulker and Dangriga, Belize

all over Guadeloupe

London, England

St. Croix, VI

undecided in Morocco

So if you’re out there, I’m coming to see you! And if you’re back here, stop by to see what I see 🙂


image image image


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