Today’s lessons :)

(Note: I thought this posted on Sunday, so it’s a bit out of order!) 

I woke up this morning so excited for the adventure, I posted a “thank you and I’m out” message to my amazing travel group and was greeted with over 100 likes and comment and well wishes! 

I checked and double checked everything. Registered with the Embassy, made sure I had copies of my passport and everything I needed, checked in for my flight for tomorrow and then went to check in today!

Only then did I see that dreaded message, FLIGHT DELAYED! At 10am, my 6pm was already delayed by 10 minutes. This can’t be good…but I had too much to do! I had to send the final copy to my awesome 5 Minute Call intern, Alex. I had to re pack (for the 37th time) and I had to check Facebook for like three hours…no time for stress! 

And of course, as I was headed to the airport, mom praying and repeating her favorite saying, “Be careful for nothing” I get a phone call from American. “Ms. Stovall, we regret to inform you that your flight has been delayed by 45 minutes (I only had 50 for the connection) but don’t worry, we’ll keep an eye on your connecting flights and let you know if there are any issues.”


I jumped on my trusty phone and went to Google Flights to find a solution! Luckily I was headed to the airport two hours before flight time-I had previously never been a big advocate of that much time, but I’m thankful today! At exactly 4pm I walked my little self right over to the desk and told the gate agent my issue. She started to suggest getting in the next day, but that wasn’t an option so I asked for the 4:45 Delta to Atlanta and then to SP  and without a bit of hassle she said “Sure! Now run over toDelta and get yourself checked in!” 
I may have lost my exit row seat….grrrrr….but at least i didn’t lose a day of Brazil!!

I’m out!! 


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